What does choice mean to you? Does it mean being able to make a decision and be able to defend it if required? Does it mean sticking with it regardless of what anyone says? How much advice should you take from those who are well-meaning? Are we obligated to explain our choices to those whoContinue reading “Choice”

The simple life

I’m taking a small break from my “what is greatness” series to talk about being a doormat in your own life. Ever felt like you just let your life take control of everything that you are? Your dreams, your wants, your needs and your happiness. Let yourself believe that you don’t deserve good things becauseContinue reading “The simple life”

What is greatness Part 2: I was hooked, seduced by the idea of greatness

I was convinced that achieving greatness was solely dependent on having an illustrious corporate career after all that’s what I had been taught growing up. When I landed my first job at age of 23, I wasted no time trying to move up the ladder as fast as I possibly could. Even then, something didn’tContinue reading “What is greatness Part 2: I was hooked, seduced by the idea of greatness”

What is greatness?

When you are in your twenties you see yourself as somewhat invincible. You have youth on your side and in your mind, you believe you can do or should be able to do anything you put your mind to. You’re young, energetic and you’re smart. The world is a place where you can realise yourContinue reading “What is greatness?”

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